Tri Windermere

When’s it on: 07/07/2013 till 07/07/2013 from 8.00am. each day.

Type of event: Outdoor Activity

Where’s it being held: Cockshott Point, The Gleebe, Bowness-on-Windermere Windermere

What’s happening: Sunday7 July 2013 will see Tri Windermere 4 take place at England’s longest and most iconic lake. Set in the heart of the Lake District National Park with stunning views in every direction, Tri Windermere is without doubt one of the most scenic, fun, and exciting triathlons in the country. Swim across England’s favorite and best known lake, cycle a full lap of Lake Windermere on challenging Lakeland roads, and finish with a spectator filled 5 lap 10k run on water front trails and paths.

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