Steam Yacht Gondola on Coniston Water

When’s it on: 05/04/2013 till 02/11/2013 from various each day.

Type of event: Miscellaneous

Where’s it being held: Gondola Pier, Lake Road, Coniston Coniston

What’s happening: Operated by the National Trust, Gondola is the Lake District’s most iconic and and historic lake cruise. Mon:11am,12pm,1pm,2.30pm (105-mins) Tue:11am,12pm,1pm,2.30pm,3.30pm Wed:11am,12pm,1pm,2.30pm,3.30pm Thu:11am,12pm,1pm,2.30pm (105-mins) Fri:11am,12pm,1pm,2.30pm,3.30pm Sat:11am(105-mins),1pm,2.30pm,3.30pm Sun:11am,12pm,1pm,2.30pm (105-mins) All sailings are 45-minute half-lake cruises except full lake cruises which are marked as (105-mins).

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