Carmina Burana

When’s it on: 20/04/2013 till 20/04/2013 from 7.30pm each day.

Type of event: Music

Where’s it being held: The Lakes School Troutbeck Bridge Windermere Cumbria Windermere

What’s happening: Staveley Choral will be joined by singers from The Lakes School, The Millennium Youth Choir & Deissen, Germany (Windermere’s twin town) for this spectacular event. Accompaniment is provided by six percussionists, two pianos, two soloists & local young people to add to the drama. We aim to encourage people in the local community to take part so we invite you to join our Monday rehearsals from January 2013 (7.15 in Staveley Village Hall)Reading music is not a requirement. Ring Philip for info.

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